Friday, May 29, 2015

I wrote this a while back... I forgot to hit publish This is my second LM3886 Amplifier. The first was given to a friend. Unlike the first this board is 100% stock parts from China. (my previous lm3886 build had different capacators on the powersupply) The transformer is a VPT12-4170 ( ) and VPT48-2080 ( ) First one is 12v to power the speaker protection - totally over kill it was bought for a PGA2311. The second is 24V parallel.
Yep my workstation is messy!
Build in progress
Close up of the AC power
Inside picture, it was a tight fit!
It's Glowing!
Back of the case. I had to make a little plate with a chunk of metal to mount the power
Picture of the finished product! Still need a front panel
Case ground

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